the handheld console will increase in price, but 11 new games will

Released almost a year ago, the Playdate generated huge interest when it was announced in 2019, so much so that the handheld console has already out of stock minutes after preorders open. If the pandemic and the shortage of parts have seriously delayed the shipment of the first units, early consumers have been able to benefit from the machine and the super original concept throughout the year 2022. the community alert, a big video “Update #3” just posted, allows you to have news about this yellow girl console. The first thing to know is that the catalog will expand in the coming weeks and months as 11 new games are planned to be added to the catalog. As usual, the titles are as varied as they are original, with new concepts like this “Silent Movie Musical Game” called Direct Drive, which takes us back to 1927, in the middle of the music industry. We can also have fun with Grand Tour Legends, a cycling game with a camera just behind the cyclist’s butt. There will also be a dungeon crawler, more narrative adventure games, but also a lot of puzzle games. The list of the 11 new titles is later in the article.

But the other essential information of this Update n°3 is mainly the price increase of the Playdate, which goes from $179 to $199. , Cabel Sasser, le co-fonfateur du studio Panic s’est justifié en expliquant que l’inflation a eu un impact sur les matériaux et composants et qu’il est donc obligé de faire grimper le prix de 20$ pour ne pas perdre d ‘silver.

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The list of 11 new Playdate games

Direct drivea silent musical piece about a music industry trainee in 1927, by DAC Vector
Carve Jr. where you hit the slopes like never before, from Chuhai Labs
playmaker, with six playful creative spaces where you can paint, compose, build, record and dance, by Dustin Mierau
Exchange machinea fast paced puzzle game created in the Pulp game engine by NaOH & Zion D. Hill
CROOKEDthe world’s first real-time 3D endless spinner, by Oiffy
Grand Tour legendsan epic cycling game from iorama studio
The Botanistan interactive sci-fi adventure comic with a linear story, by Cadin Batrack
Bloomthe real-time narrative social sim about starting a flower shop, RNG Party – now with a new post-game story, and more!
Eyelanda bite-sized mystery adventure made in Pulp by Ron Lent
Tapeworm disco puzzle, a grid-based puzzle game where you play as a tapeworm, the owner of the local nightclub; by Lowtek Games
Down the Oubliettea dungeon crawler for fans of tower defense games, by Rebecca König
A joke worth 0.99¢, now in the catalog with a NEW 0.1¢ joke! At kami box
Hidden placea Pulp-directed little adventure about sneaking around in the dead of night, by Neven Mrgan and us here at Panic
word journeya light-hearted wordplay with action from Shaun Inman, Matthew Grimm and Charlie Davis

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