The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails Coming to the West in Fall 2023 ArchDaily

Nayuta, a young astronomer trapped on an island, is convinced that the world does not stop at the ocean that borders its shores. The universe proves him right when magical ruins rain down on the boy’s house in a shower of stars, opening the doors to mysterious parallel worlds that lead him on the adventure of a lifetime. Action RPG, that is The Legend of Nayuta withdraws from the game by playing with the seasons: Nayuta can manipulate them as he pleases to solve puzzles and fight the monsters that await him. An original mechanism that strongly influences the environments and gives it a certain visual cachet.

Not brand new, but all nice

Announced on the occasion of Falcom’s 40th anniversary, this English translation has been highly anticipated by fans of the saga. I specify “English speaking” because unfortunately it will be necessary to ignore a VF. Despite this pitfall The Legend of Nayuta remains a solid remaster, with HD textures, 60 FPS on the clock and a complete re-orchestration of the soundtrack. A plethora of new illustrations enhance the adventure. What this opus in conditions (almost) to discover.

The Legend of Nayuta is distributed by Plaion on PS4 and Switch, while NISA takes care of the PC version. Simultaneous release this fall. Regardless of the platform, you can also use the official site.

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