The man secretly raised a strange underwater animal and the truth behind –


the fear of dark Seas before it could even cease to exist indefinitely.

A group of fishermen, in May 2012, while on their regular routine of catching fishes in Rough Waters, caught something very bizarre and only realized that something was off while pulling the net up before they could have a good look at it and identify this creature.It started struggling viciously and overwhelming the fishermen that had already had the fear of the unknown.In reaction, one of the fishermen dropped the net back into the sea seconds later, thank you.Many speculated the fishermen may have accidentally caught a mermaid.


Mapping Turtles saved a. Father and daughter were out fishing on the weekend in Baltimore, Ohio, when they noticed a pair of claws of a turtle that were poking out of the water.The claws showed a clear sign of struggle against getting snapped into a pipe, convincing the father to come to the Rescue by grabbing them and pulling it out.

At first, he used a rope as a precautionary measure in an attempt to pull it out, but after several failed attempts, due to strong pressure, he resorted to using his hands to pull it out.Shortly after, he was able to pull the turtle back to the surface, possibly saving its life.


You might not always like what you find in the water.A video captured by a random Source shows what looks to be a real and decaying mermaid skeleton that was found on an undisclosed Beach.

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While looking to catch some small fish in the water, these tiny skeleton was seen along with a human-like skull and tail bones that was picked up in curiosity and immediately dropped upon realization.There is a good chance that this could have been a young mermaid that somehow died or maybe eaten up by an apex predator.Many think that this could be a hoax.It surely looks quite legit.


A film crew in Tasmania, which is an Island state of Australia, found the biggest known freshwater crayfish in the world.

With the help of a local researcher, they started the search by using several traps with fish as bait and Nets, and after a few attempts, a juvenile crayfish was seen leading a fully grown giant female crayfish that was feasting on one of the baits.One has to be careful, as these creatures claws are enormous and powerful enough to easily rip a finger off.It was measured to be an impressive 61 centimeters in length and over three kilograms in weight.Since they are incredibly rare, catching them is strictly forbidden.


A huge female lobster was captured by a couple of fishermen in the States of Maine.The lobster is the biggest that they ever caught, being as long as his arm while weighing over several pounds.

It had thousands of tiny eggs on its back and since huge lobsters are very rare, the lobster was freed along with some snacks.Every female lobster is said to carry 10 000 eggs per pound and with this Lobster, using seven to eight pounds in weight, it could carry over 70 to 80 000 eggs.

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