the New Caledonia adventure game has a gift for PS5 players

Tchia: The adventure game in New Caledonia has the support of PlayStation, a welcome gift

Since he made us discover his New Caledonia, the video game Tchia continues to attract attention. Tchia, an independent game developed by fledgling studio Awaceb in New Caledonia, is backed by PlayStation. Not only did the title receive a lot of attention during State of Play on February 23, 2023, but as a bonus, it will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 21, 2023 as part of the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscription. A great launch pad for this game that borrows a lot from Zelda Breatj of the Wild in its open world construction and its gameplay mechanics. Yet Tchia has a personality of its own, especially through a system soul transfer that allows our character to take control of several animals (about thirty). In fact, it will be easier and more enjoyable to explore the island of New Caledonia whether you are in the skin of a bird or that of a marine mammal.

The developers wanted to remind that Tchia also gives prominence to the culture of New Caledonia, recreating emblematic monuments and integrating local dialects. All the characters in the game have even been dubbed by local artists. As for the story, it is about following the wanderings of a little girl named Tchia, who will do anything to prevent her island from being invaded by strange tissue creatures called “Maano”. These creatures are also behind the kidnapping of Tchia’s father, at the behest of the archipelago’s evil ruler, Meavora. Finally, please note that an Oléti Special Edition (“oleti” means “thank you” in Drehu) gives access to several cosmetic items from the games of the publisher Kepler Interactive, such as the Sifu skin, Scorn decorative elements for his boat, or even an Enki backpack, which references the fox from Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn. Nice, nice.

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