The ranking of the best Android smartphones has changed, some Galaxy S23 take blurry photos, that’s the summary!

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, we discover the ranking of the most powerful smartphones of the moment, hackers can hack your computer without an internet connection, the camera of the Galaxy S23 encounters an annoying hardware problem, it’s time for the recap.

Red Magic 8 Pro+

AnTutu has unveiled the monthly ranking of smartphones that received the best marks on their benchmark tools. Since there is currently a lot of news about smartphones, it is very logical that the list contains new names. If the Galaxy S23 is clearly part of it, more and more testimonials are reporting an issue affecting the photo sensor of Samsung’s flagship. Moreover, Korean researchers have found a way to steal your data without you even being connected to the internet. Let’s go for the summary!

The best smartphones of the moment are announced

Each month, the Antutu site reveals the list of smartphones that received the best marks on their test benches. In the February 2023 ranking, it should be noted that the first 10 places are monopolized by smartphones running what is currently the best in terms of SoC for Android, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. We also learn that the Vivo X90 Pro+ has been dethroned by a gamer’s smartphone.

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Stealing your information and spying on you with a microphone, now it’s possible

Hackers are finding more and more ingenious ways to strip their victims of their personal information and even their money. They will therefore be very interested in this discovery of Korean academics. The technique used is worthy of a spy movie and therefore requires a bit of preparation beforehand. Read on to find out the original ways hackers can steal information from your computer, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

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Some Samsung Galaxy S23 suffer from photo sensor problem

Problems connecting to WiFi 6, operating error with Android Auto and other glitches in the camera’s optical stabilization. We can say that the problems have been linked since the launch of the Galaxy S23. Nowadays, many internet users are complaining that their Galaxy S23 takes blurry photos. In our article we focus on the origins and probable causes of this new bug affecting the flagships of the Korean brand.

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