The return of Resident Evil 4 offers a game for a while: these are the hours that the remake of the title can last

You might think that playing a remake of a game It won’t be such a huge investment of time. like when we experience first time its original version. That’s something that only happens with remasters if not what the developers have wanted to add some extras to the content, but without changing the base game. But when we talk about a remake, it’s hard to guess the length of the game.

After getting a taste of Resident Evil 4 Remake, and as Alejandro Pascual happily explains in his analysis of the game, this is new version from the original GameCube classic is great and offers us a game for a while. we explain what may take the latest updated version of the saga in this post.

Duration of Resident Evil 4 Remake

Without getting into spoilers – for those who haven’t played the first version, or any of its ports this sets them free– this was one of the first Residents to move away from fixed camera angles your pre-rendered scenes to bring us the action in third person perspective on the shoulders of Leon S. Kennedy.

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The result of that design change in the game gave a game more loaded with action and frenzy than its predecessors, worse just as tense and terrifying. Exploration was not completely abandoned, however step into the background as the puzzles and challenges the game posed to progress were a bit more direct than in its predecessors.

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That is also present here, must do run back a bit to find all the collectibles, secrets and treasures hidden in the chapters of the game. But if those of you who have already played it try to guess its duration, it is very likely you fall short (if you want it all of course).

The times in Resident Evil 4 Remake

As in any game that contains collectibles, it is not possible to finish it 100% in a short time (although there is an achievement that invites us to complete it in as few hours as possible; for you speed runners). The original also had collectibles and side missions available to get some items, but in this one that number is much higher in all sections of the game.

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You have to do this add the battles, and not just the ones that take place against bosses. Until the release of Resident Evil 4, zombie elimination was something optional, and until not recommended Because of the shortage ammunition for our weapons. The fourth game in the saga not only made the fight more frantic and increased the number of enemies, but also made it insurmountable in many cases. In short, go only essential periodsand collecting an intermediate amount of collectibles, that duration can be a few 9 or 12 o’clockwhile in “completista” mode you can reach more than 14 to 15.

In the remake from Resident Evil 4, not only has greater variety of situations and the duration of the puzzles; The secondaries and treasures to collect have also been increased. This now makes the average duration for a first time player between 12 and 3 p.mand the “completist” may end up inverting around 20.

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longer duration in the future.

However, find out all content of Resident Evil 4 Remake could take us more hours than that. For starters, the game has same plot and elements as the original – plus some variations designed to surprise and entice those who return to visit the town, castle and island where the plot takes place -. But it is also hoped that he will receive in the future new content.

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For now, Capcom He has already hinted that he will launch through DLC The Mercenaries mode, and there’s a good chance will join him the modes Ada command (sort of a variation on The Mercenaries with Ada Wong as the sole protagonist), and Separate roadsexplaining the game’s story and events from the perspective of Umbrella’s agent-for-hire.

Then if we add all these ways -although they have to be confirmed and we must try them to be sure – the content of Resident Evil Remake 4 could come close at 25 or 28 o’clockincreasing the 19 or 22 that’s all it takes currently completing up to 100% (depending on the player’s ability and the chosen difficulty).

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Still things stay to discover of Resident Evil 4 Remake, as you may have deduced that without being the greatest game in the saga, one of the most complete not to say appreciated by the community. For now, the game has not been officially released and there are already quite a few mods in circulation for its demo.

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