the satellite ISP raises its prices for the least well-served subscribers

Starlink is changing the price of all its subscriptions. If the logic of the new pricing will make some people happy, it will make a lot of people unhappy. Customers located in areas well covered by the company’s satellites will pay less, others…

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Credit: Star Link

Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite Internet service provider, has sent a letter to its subscribers that will make people happy or unhappy depending on whether they’re more or less well covered by the company’s constellation of low-orbit satellites. . The less well-served will have to pay morewhile those with good coverage qualify for a discount.

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From April 24In “limited capacity” areas, the subscription price for residential users is increased by 9% to $120, while users in “overcapacity” areas receive an 18% discount and pay only $90 per month. Bad news for Starlink moving vehicle subscribers, too: The company is raising the price of this offering by $15.

Considering that the people who subscribe to the Starlink offering are mostly in “limited capacity” regions (the sole interest of a satellite ISP), we can say that the company raised its prices. Its managers explain these price changesgalloping inflation in the global economy for several months now.

All that extra money goes toward funding the ever-expanding SpaceX constellation of satellites. In February 2023, the Starlink fleet in low Earth orbit has nearly 3,600 satellites. Ultimately, the ISP wants to deploy no less than 42,000, more than a million customers have already been acquired. A figure that should rise sharply in the coming months, as Starlink has launched a $200 per month plan that covers the entire world.

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Source : Ars Technica

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