the screenwriter depressed by the critics, for him MODOK is brilliant

Ant-Man 3: The screenwriter depressed by the critics, for him MODOK is brilliant

Ant-Man 3 was critically shattered and also divided viewers, to the point that the movie registered a 70% drop in attendance for its second week, which is nothing short of the biggest drop for a movie in the MCU world since its release. to exist. An alarming observation for the first movie of Phase 5, which would introduce the Avengers’ new nemesis: Kang the Conqueror, and which failed to alarm Jeff Loveness, the film’s screenwriter, also known for the Rick and Morty screenplay. At the microphone of the Daily Beastthe latter admitted not understanding the bad feedback on the film, to the point of being depressed for days: “To be honest, these reviews really surprised me. I was kind of at the bottom of the hole, the reviews weren’t good and it freaked me out. I am very proud of what I wrote for Jonathan Majors and Michelle Pfeiffer. For me it was really good work, you know? And this return completely discouraged me, I was very sad.”

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While it’s rarely enough to get feedback from a member of the Marvel movie production team after such a disappointment (usually they’re deaf), Jeff Loveness’s intervention proves just how much people in the business are still sensitive to criticism. With such a catastrophic outcome, you’d think they could step back and question themselves, but it seems we’re employing a very different technique. Like ignoring all these bad global feedbacks and convincing yourself that all is well in the best of worlds. An observation that we can make when we realize that Jeff Loveness preferred to see the film in a room where people laughed heartily to convince themselves that he was doing well. “I went to a screening of the movie after the reviews came out and the movie came out. And the audience laughed, kind of like in the movie “Sullivan’s Travels” in the famous prisoner scene where everyone laughed heartily.” For Loveness, the movie managed to do exactly what it intended in the script, even though the industry wants it to think otherwise.

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I think we live in a time where we try to catalog everything so we can all talk about it together on Twitter. I think we need to revisit that fanboy aspect of the band and appreciate the things themselves better. When I went to see Quantumania, I saw people laughing in the room and I was like, “Damn! No, the critics are wrong and I’m right! MODOK is awesome!” I’m pretty happy with this movie overall, and I think I’ve learned to deal with the blows this week. And now that I know it’s nothing serious, I can move on.

We remind you that it is Jeff Loveness who is in charge of the script for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and we really hope he can learn from these bad reviews to start questioning himself.

Marvel movie universe

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