the show is officially canceled, yes but whose fault is it?

E3 2023: The show is officially canceled, yes, but whose fault is it?

The wave of publisher pullbacks in recent days will have prevailed at E3 2023, which has been officially canceled. In a message on social networks, the organizers therefore confirm what many have feared for a few weeks, and also the cancellation of the three manufacturers, the total disinterest of the industry for the one that has been the great mass of video games for decades. . It must be said that since COVID, the changes in video game players’ mode of communication, they no longer need E3 to talk to players/consumers directly. This isn’t the first time E3 has been threatened with disappearance since the show was moved to hotels and hangars on the outskirts of Los Angeles in 2007 and 2008 to deal with the initial crisis. It must be said that the organizers have often been singled out for the cost of participation deemed excessive by market players, who no longer need an intermediary or physical presence to sell games by pallet.

However, 2023 should be the great return of this legendary show that has made hundreds of thousands of players dream, ready to string sleepless nights to follow the conferences of the three manufacturers Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, without the covers on the spot of the various specialized media. This time seems to be over, but other means of communication are clearly being deployed, such as Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, who didn’t wait a minute to tweet and remind that his event will indeed take place on June 8 in Los Angeles, instead of E3. Many journalists didn’t hesitate to point the finger at him and tell him that he could have waited at least 24 hours before rejoicing over E3’s corpse. But as everyone knows, business is business and the event hosted by Geoff Keighley won’t last forever either…

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