the tones fell, it’s not bad but not as good as before

Atomic Heart test: the nuts fell, it's not bad but not as good as expected

Atomic Heart has been fascinating for several months now, since gamescom 2022 in real life where the game was able to shine through particularly explosive trailers. The game from the Mundfish studio generated more hype as the months went by, eventually winning over a press who were surprised by the quality of a game that came out of nowhere during the first hands-on. A Soviet BioShok boosted with amphetamines, that is the comparison made by many media and other journalists who can also express their opinion since 4 p.m. today. The notes were highly anticipated, and they ended up being quite divided, and this may be the real surprise. With a Metascore of 74% (for 26 rated reviews), Atomic Heart has not been able to convince everyone, probably due to gameplay that some find not contemporary enough. Some brave people even dare to say that it is 10 years behind in terms of game mechanics (lolilol), but they salute the atmosphere and artistic direction nonetheless. For all these reasons, we can find good numbers, flirting with 9/10, but also bad ones with a strict 4/10 from Twinfinite, which has a habit of exaggerating everything. We invite everyone to make up their minds, especially if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, as the game will be available tomorrow, day one.

JEUXACTU: message coming soon (we’re not done with the game yet)
Gaming trend: 9.5/10
Hobby consoles: 9/10
Shack News: 9/10
PSX Brazil: 9/10
Spazio Games: 8.7/10
Dual shocks: 8.4/10
Merization: 8.2/10
Gamescz: 8/10
Game blog: 8/10
Dexerto: 8/10
Noisy pixel: 8/10 7.5/10
PlayStation Universe: 7.5/10
Checkpoint Gaming: 7.5/10
Spell Spit: 7/10
GameMAG: 7/10
Push Square: 6/10
PlayStation Lifestyle: 5.5/10
Well played: 5.5/10
The Gamer: 5/10
GamesRadar+: 5/10
Twinfinite: 4/10

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