This electric caravan increases the autonomy of electric cars on the road

The American company Lightship unveils its L1, an amazing solar caravan designed for electric cars. Equipped with its own battery and motors, it can then power the vehicle and propel itself to reduce impact on the car’s range. It is being announced together with the Airstream caravan concept, designed in collaboration with Porsche.

Airstream eStream concept
Airstream eStream concept

While the electric vehicle industry is developing at a rapid pace and sales continue to accelerate, autonomy remains a concern. Will it be possible for lovers of wide open spaces to travel in nature without fear of breaking down ? Well, the latter can be reassured, thanks to the development of new solutions.

Lightship: an autonomous caravan

Among them those designed by the American company Lightship, founded in 2020 by Ben Parker and Toby Kraus, two former Tesla employees who worked on the Model S and Model 3. Indeed, the company has just lifted the veil on a unprecedented caravan of a new kind, soberly baptized L1. It can accommodate up to six people on board, under a height of 3.05 meters.

However, she is also capable of itlower the roof until it culminates to 2.10 meters high to match the dimensions of the average pickups on the market. For example, the caravan is as aerodynamic as possible, so that the impact on the consumption of the towing vehicle remains limited. But that’s not all, because the trailer is also covered with solar panels.

What to generate power up to 3 kW as the site explains Electrek. A total of 80 kWh of electricity can be stored in the batteries fitted with this caravan, the supplier of which is not specified. But that’s not all. Because it also has its own engines the strength of which is unknown. It can therefore propel itself and is not just dead weight for the car.

As specified by Company websitecan the Lightship L1 do thatdirectly power an electric car. If nothing is specified, it will probably have to be compatible with bi-directional charging, as is the case for the MG 5, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and other Kia EV6. But the caravan is not the only one on the market to offer such functionality, as that is also the case with the Campworks NS-1 unveiled last September.

All the necessary comfort

The caravan designed by Lightship can also power a homea bit like some cars, including the Volvo EX90 thanks to the V2H charging (vehicle home). This makes it possible to charge the L1 during off-peak hours and then use the energy stored in it during peak hours to reduce the electricity bill. This solution also makes it possible to reduce tensions on the electricity grid when it is very busy.

This is possible depending on the company live seven days aboard the caravan without charging. Enough to go to remote places without fear, especially since it offers real comfort and many features for its occupants. It is, in fact, endowed witha small kitchen with a sink, hob and oven as well as plenty of storage space.

It is also equipped with a small functional bathroom and toilet. The living space can be transformed, going from a living room for chatting and playing with friends to a large bed. All materials used for the interior of the caravan are durable and resistant. So the substance is made from 70% recycled polyester while the worktop is designed to resist stains.

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All this is very beautiful and already gives us great desire. But we’ll have to deal with it a very high price, shown at $125,000, while it is already possible to place an order for a copy of the Lightship L1. It then positions itself Airstream, which recently unveiled an electric caravan concept equipped with two engines and a power of 242 hp, the Airstream eStream Concept.

Airstream drew a promising concept

The company is also teaming up with Porsche to unveil another concept known as the Airstream Studio FA Porsche Concept. This small caravan of 5 meters long can accommodate up to two passengers. As for that of Lightship, it offers all the necessary comfort to the occupants.

They will mainly benefit from ita living room that can be transformed into a double bed as well as a small kitchen. This is equipped with a hob with two fireplaces and a small sink. On the other hand, the brand site does not indicate whether the vehicle is equipped with a shower and toilet, although nothing seems to indicate it in the photos visible online.

Fitted with a single axle, this Airstream-designed caravan has a suspension that allows the assembly to be lowered to fit most garages. The design has also been worked on to provide optimal aerodynamics the weight has been reduced thanks to the use of carbon fiber. However, no figures have been released yet.

We’ll have to wait before we know more about this caravan, which could very well be offered to customers one day. A few months ago, Porsche had already lifted the veil on an amazing tent designed to be installed on the roof of its models, from the 911 to the Cayenne and of course the Taycan. It remains to be seen whether it will be compatible with the brand’s future electric SUV.

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