This setting is very important in Warzone 2 and few know it: improve your games with the best FOV settings on PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Many of our guides focus on this maximum performance in your games of Warzone 2. For example, we recently recommended to you the best accessories for the crossbow, which will be available in season 2, along with many other new features. However, there are several aspects in the game settings themselves that we often don’t pay the attention they deserve. That’s the case of field of view (field of viewtranslated as field of view). In this guide we focus on this aspect and give you the best configuration for either PlayStation, Xbox or PC.

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What is the FOV

Warzone 2 Fov

Explained in a concise and synthesized way, the field of view belongs to us field of view in the video game. If we raise it, it will raise ours too peripheral view, while if we lower it, it will backfire. It’s quite an important adjustment if we want to improve our performance in the games and, ultimately, to be better.

However, several factors come into play at this point, such as the type of screen or monitor you are using. That is, it is not the same to use a normal monitor than one ultra wide. So there is not an ‘exact’ setting for everyone.

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Better FOV adjustment on consoles and PC

It is recommended to set the FOV between 100 and 120

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We recommend as a general rule that the FOV setting is present 100 and 120. These are usually the most common measurements, but as with the sensitivity of the mouse or joystick, it is best to determine for yourself gradually go up. The purpose of this is that you achieve the border of everything you can cover and control on screen, but without going overboard. A setting that is too high can make you unaware of events or actions taking place in your periphery. That’s why it’s best to go little by little experiment with these initial values ​​we have provided.

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