This way you can connect your mobile or PC to any WiFi network without a password: discover the most convenient method

Write the password it is the most annoying aspect for the users who want to connect any device to the wifi network. In general, router keys consist of endless sections of numbers and letters, a situation to which must be added the impossible positions people take to see these passwords. However, there is a method that allows you to connect to any network no need to enter a password. Of course we warn you in advance: This maneuver will not allow you to access a Wi-Fi network.

So if you’re considering connecting to your neighbor’s network or accessing a private signal, we should point out that this isn’t the method for doing it. In fact, thanks to the functionality of the wps button What you can do is connect to your Wi-Fi network without entering the password, a feature that many will appreciate because it saves the time it takes to write it. So at the touch of a button they can access your network from any device that is compatible with the functionalities of the Set up Wi-Fi Protect.

How to connect to any wifi network without entering the password

If you don’t know what it is WPSWe will briefly explain. These abbreviations correspond to Set up Wi-Fi Protect, a router configuration. In general, these boxes have a WPS button on the side or on the back, an option that allows this open wifi network so that all devices that want to can connect. So it is a good option for users who want to avoid entering the password, although it is important to note that the network is vulnerable And everyone can access it.

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This is necessary to use the functions of the WPS button pause button. After this, the light on the router will start blinking and each compatible device (because not all of them are) can connect to the network without entering the password. This allows users using this feature to connect to the network on the one hand without typing the key; however, as we mentioned, any other user who is attentive at the time can do this as well. Therefore, you should be aware of it, although not entering the password is a good option possible external devices that take advantage of the situation.

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