Top 10 Most Exotic and Expensive Fruits in the World That Wealthy People Go Crazy For Hunting. –

Fruits are an essential part of our daily diet, providing us with essential nutrients and vitamins.

While we all have our favorite fruits, there are some exotic and rare fruits that are highly sought after by wealthy individuals around the world. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 most exotic and expensive fruits that are highly coveted by the elite.

  1. Durian: Known for its pungent odor and unique taste, the durian is a highly prized fruit that can only be found in Southeast Asia. Its strong smell has earned it the nickname “the king of fruits.”

  2. Yangmei: Also known as the Chinese bayberry, this fruit is native to China and is highly prized for its juicy and sweet taste.

  1. Cherimoya: Native to South America, the cherimoya is a green fruit with a creamy white flesh that is often compared to custard.

  2. Mangosteen: This tropical fruit is known for its sweet and tangy flavor and is highly prized in Asia and other parts of the world.

  3. Rambutan: Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, the rambutan is a small red fruit with a sweet and juicy flesh that is often compared to lychee.

  4. Jabuticaba: Found in Brazil, this fruit grows directly on the tree trunk and has a sweet and tangy flavor.

  1. Miracle fruit: This West African fruit is known for its ability to make sour foods taste sweet.

  2. Buddha’s Hand: This unique fruit is native to China and is often used as a decoration due to its unusual shape and fragrant aroma.

  3. Blue Java Banana: Also known as the ice cream banana, this fruit is native to Southeast Asia and has a creamy texture and flavor similar to vanilla ice cream.

  1. Saffron: Although technically a spice, saffron is highly prized for its unique flavor and is one of the most expensive food products in the world.

In conclusion, these exotic and rare fruits are highly sought after by wealthy individuals around the world for their unique tastes and nutritional benefits. While they may be expensive and difficult to find, the experience of trying these fruits is undoubtedly a memorable one.

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