Two heroic dogs sacrifice their lives aпd eyes to save their little mistress from a poisoпoυs sпake. –

According to video extracted from security cameras on July 19: While 1-year-old Skye was sleeping soundly at her apartment in Kidapawan City, Philippines, a cobra crawled through the garden and entered the front door.

When danger approached, 2 small dogs approached the trespasser and attacked it.

Moxie white dachshund, 2 years old, immediately rushed to attack the snake. Soon after, Miley, a 4-year-old white dog, also joined forces to bite the snake’s tail and pull it away from the house where little owner Skye was sleeping.

Both dogs did not hesitate and give in, after 2 minutes of struggle, the snake stopped squirming and fell dead.

Unfortunately, Miley died after risking her life to save the little mistress

At the time of the incident, Skye’s parents Jaime Selim and Pauie were both at work. However, the babysitter was there to take care of Skye.

“When my wife and I were working, when we got home and looked at the camera, we were shocked but very proud of the dogs.”

Tragically, Miley passed away from the bite of a cobra, one of the most venomous snakes in the world. Moxie was still alive, but was blinded by snake venom in her eyes.

“I am so grateful for their bravery in protecting my daughter. We miss Miley so much…” Jaime Selim added.

Indeed, Skye is very lucky to have 2 “guardian angels” Moxie and Miley. Hopefully Miley will have a happy life in the next life, and Moxie will recover her eyesight.

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