Ultimately, Xavier Niel won’t steal M6’s place on TNT

The “SIX” TV channel project carried out by Xavier Niel for broadcast on DTT channel 6 was ultimately not taken over by Arcom, which preferred to reassign the right to this frequency to M6, which historically already held this place busy. .

M6 logo // Source: M6

Xavier Niel watched channel 6 of the TNT occupied by M6. The businessman and boss of Iliad (Free) carried the project of a new generalist channel to be called “SIX”. Project that will eventually never see the light of day. As indicated The worldArcom eventually rejected this application and reassigned the broadcast license to M6.

Not SIX, but still 10 years of M6

For the next ten years, from May 6, 2023, M6 will therefore be able to continue broadcasting its content on the same TNT frequency that it has occupied since its creation.

This decision by the Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communications and Regulations comes as no surprise, but as M6’s license to broadcast was coming to an end, Xavier Niel saw it as an exciting opportunity to shake up the audiovisual landscape. Especially since the M6 ​​group was shocked by the failure of the fusion with TF1. His SIX project promised to focus on “creation” and the “public debate“.

Xavier Niel planned to offer a full broadcast service from September 19. Finally, this SIX channel will have to wait a long time before it can see the light of day on DTT. See you in 10 years?

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