Using Discord on PS5 and linking your account to PlayStation

By years ago, disagreement is the program of choice for many gaming communities to host their gaming voice channels, podcasts and conferences and even streams. It is a common software as well mandatory use on PCon our mobile devices, and now on our playstation5.

With the new update released recently, users of the Sony console now you can join to those voicerooms or to conversations with other users, regardless of the platform they’re using, and talk to them using their remote control. Although it has its crumb, that’s why I’m going to explain how to link your account from PS Network to the one you have on Discord being able to use it and configure to use it with the console.

Using Discord on your PlayStation 5

The first thing you need to know is that you are using Discord on your PlayStation 5 console you don’t need to download anything else more than the last update. This happens on its own and once it’s done, all you have to do is do it install it.

Once you’ve completed the process, it’s time to get started configure the application, which is integrated into it. So even if you search for Discord among PS Store features or multimedia content it doesn’t work out; it is already “installed” on your console. Now we need to follow a series of steps to start using it. I advise you that you have the mobile at hand or the PC before starting.

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Screenshot Discord on Ps 5 1

First of all, we select institutions in the top right corner of our PS5’s interface, and once there we go Users and Accounts and then select the option Linked Services. Among the available applications, you will find that Discord is now one of them. After selecting the icon of the new application, we will be asked if we want to link our account.

From here the process can be executed many ways: by scanning a QR code with your mobile phone, or by going to the web page indicated by the console and entering the code that appears on the screen. a hardly notice: You must enter the code no spaces; the one that carries it is just to make it easier for you to read.

Screenshot Discord on Ps 5 2 edited

Once you’ve completed either of these two steps, your Discord account and PlayStation Network account will be linked. make sure that that the account to be linked is yours (this should be the case by default, if not try the PC or mobile depending on what you are using)

Screenshot Discord Ps 5 Pc 2 edited

After completing these steps, the console should appear as full screen the message that you have linked your Discord account to the console. Some images have been included on how to use it and the notification that you can unlink it (in case it is not correct or for other reasons). About using it, now we get to it.

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Using Discord for voice chat on PS5

To use Discord on your PS5 you will have to keep using PC or mobile. The way to join a conversation or chat room requires your authorization so that the program transfers the chat to your console. The process is the same both for conversations – with another party or in a group – and for the voicerooms of any Discord server.

Discord Ps 5 edited B

just do it right click on the voice channel you are on (if it is a call on the icon of transfer that pops up in the header, where other users appear, at the bottom left) and select Transfer to PlayStation. And that’s it, your console will notify you that you are already in the voice chat with the rest of the attendees in the room or calling. If you don’t have a PC handy, do this via mobile by following the same steps as joining a channel but accessing the room options slide the screen up and select the same transfer option.

Discord transfer

They will come out on your PlayStation 5 the commands of when you are in a chat group via VOIP from PlayStation Network; So the options and the way to use it are the same.

Tip to avoid the return of Discord on PlayStation 5

There is a problem for those who are in the chat room with you via Discord, which is that if the audio of the voice chat comes out of the speaker of the Dual Sense remote, it will experience “return”.; they will hear themselves talking and that can be very confusing and annoying.

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Discord chat on Ps 5 3

To avoid this inconvenience, you should go to the institution from your console and select that the output device of the voice chat is the speakers from the television or something headphones that you are connected to it. That way there will be no interference in the transmission.

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Although the process is somewhat cumbersome and has its limitations, it’s still good news that finally PlayStation 5 users can finally use Discord to play with friends who have Xbox consoles or PCs and are all in the same chat room, without having to use the mobile or PC more than connecting to the call or room.

Hopefully in future updates the process of connecting improves, but at the moment less gives a stone. How about trying it in the meantime in our disagreement? Or play games like Warzone 2 with some friends while checking out Clemente Garcia’s building recommendations.

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