Vampire Survivors Announces Second Expansion, Tides of the Foscari, Coming April 13th – GameSpot

As stripped down as ever, the narrative framework will take us to Foscari Academy,”an elite school for formidable mages, tireless military men and budding skilled tricksters. It is divided into three houses: unheard of in a fantasy fiction. Three students from each house set out to venture into a forest populated by mythological creatures to live a wonderful adventure that nothing and no one will disturb. Our three students are:

  • Eleanor: “Leading practitioner of magicand a student at the Azure Tower, she wields the SpellString, a three-level grimoire that can store spells.
  • Marto: “undefeated champion of the Scarlet Anvilvirile warrior, this son of a blacksmith wields Excuzzibur, a sword whose top level unlocks a second blade.
  • Katha: “cunning, smart and playful, this pupil of the Faucille Ambrée plays the part of the thief. His projectiles of choice are the Flash Arrows, a two-level weapon.

This leading trio is coached by Luminaire, an ancient witch and local Lady of the Lake. The grandmother possesses Prismatic Missiles, elemental spells with an evocative name.

Vampire, did you say vampire?

Apart from these four thieves and their personal weapons, four other new characters will join the adventure, for a total of eight new avatars. Likewise, a total of thirteen new weapons will strengthen our arsenal (including evolutions). Tides of the Foscari will take place around Lake Foscari, a giant map that we can easily imagine is full of secrets, along the lines of previous maps. Seven new soundtracks will punctuate our hypnotic mass decluttering sessions. Over there track list also teases a major challenge: the World eater (Devourer of worlds in good French). For the sake of completion, 20 new achievements will also be added. On the other hand, still don’t expect to find any vampires there – poncle seems determined to make their title obsolete forever…

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Tides of the Foscari will be available on April 13 for the minimum price of €1.99 on PC, Xbox and mobile phones. All of the information listed here – as well as the following announcements – can be easily found at the steam page. Don’t forget that the base game is included in the Xbox Game Pass.

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