Wayfinder: The Next Airship Syndicate To Debut In May – News

Signpost, it is the association between Airship Syndicate (Battle Chasers Nightwar, Darksiders Genesis, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story) and Digital Extremes, the studio that has been rolling in gold for 8 years thanks to Warframe and that here shares its expertise in online games, free-to-play and service games as a publisher at Joe Madureira’s studio. No more working on other people’s licenses, with SignpostAirship Syndicate finally takes off with its own wings by revealing its own world, Evenor.

More precisely, it is a shared online world, threatened by the Gloom, a destructive force against which the Wayfinders stand, embodied by characters such as the mighty gladiator Senja, who slashes her heavy sword on her prey, Silo, deft tactician and firearms expert, or Kyros, a war mage paired with a brilliant scientist. Class archetypes whose skills must therefore come together to form effective and complementary teams.

The great leap into the void of the Airship Syndicate studio

Lumeciel, the starting point of this free-to-play game, acts as a social space where each player has their private quarters and can craft new gear from the materials collected during the adventure, before teaming up with up to three other Wayfinders. “Once you’re out of Skylight, you’ll soon see public events and world bosses to take down. The highlands are a vast open space filled with other Wayfinders. You meet new friends by completing missions, fighting world bosses or collecting resources“, we can read on the PlayStation blog.

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In fact, Season 1 of Early Access will start in May 2023 and will come with a paid Founder’s Pack, a way to get started with bonus content while allowing developers to earn income right away. Starting in May, each season will run for about three months and new features will arrive. They might as well be characters, weapons, or even destinations. The next beta test begins February 28, 2023 for PS5 and PC players with cross-play support. The ability to see if the game has a little more spice than currently seen on video.

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