Waze is the victim of a major bug on Android Auto, but the fix is ​​coming

Have you had issues with Waze on Android Auto recently? You’re not alone and Google knows it all too well. Since this week, the Mountain View company has started implementing a new update of the GPS application, which includes a fix. However, it does not seem very effective for everyone.

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At the beginning of the year, Google gradually revolutionized the Android Auto interface with Coolkwalk, which in particular offers the possibility of splitting the screen in half, so that two applications can finally be used at the same time. Unfortunately, the deployment doesn’t necessarily go as planned for users. Some applications are still struggling to adapt to this major innovation, and Waze is one of them. Lately, many people on the self-help forums have been complaining about problems with premature frostbite.

It seems that the application does not yet benefit from a stable version compatible with this new interface. Result: It has been almost unusable for several days, forcing users to fall back on alternative solutions. A situation that has fortunately not escaped Google, which already offers a fix via an update in its Play Store. Without solving all the problems.

Waze’s Android Auto patch is available, but incomplete

So while some report that the problem seems to be fixed with this latest update, others reply that nothing has changed on their end. The freezes are still there and Waze is still unusable. In other words, you may need to show a little more patience before the situation finally returns to normal. In addition, you may not have access to the solution yet as it is gradually being rolled out to users.

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Another black point of this update, it seems that other bugs are also not fixed. Moreover, Waze does not yet have a stable version that ensures good compatibility with Coolwalk. If it’s likely you don’t have access to the new interface yet, it’s also being rolled out gradually, so we’d recommend holding off on installing if you’re an avid Waze user.

Source : 9to5Google

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