What to do in Sons of the Forest on your first day on the island: tips for surviving the first 24 hours

With a release that brought the Steam servers to a halt almost immediately after release, Sons of the Forest is a game that will bring a lot of tails in the coming months; for now it is the most watched game in twitch with over 300,000 simultaneous viewers at the time of writing these lines (dwarfism to other recent bombings like Hogwarts Legacy or even the hallowed League of Legends).

But survive on the island in which the action takes place is not easy. After all, it’s a survival game, and that too don’t try too hard by telling you what to do or how. Points to you because you want to be defiant and get it, but for those less experienced to this kind of titles and they want to try for the first time with this surprise title from Endless GamesHere I come to give you some survival tips to survive your first day in the game.

Basic tips for getting started in Sons of the Forest

First of all, an indication that the game doesn’t tell you: Yes we print the button AND We’ll take objects, but we will not equip ourselves with them, but if we hold it, we will get them to use them immediately, or if they are foods such as fruits or mushrooms, we will consume them immediately – later I will explain what to eat and what not to eat.

This “trick” of the interface is also important to know manage stock well. If you press the ‘i’ button, you “extend” it, but if you hold down the associated button you will examine your backpack and you can start using it faster the tools you need (as long as you put them in the backpack when you had it open). With this detail in mind, we are going to get fully involved in a series of activities that you should do once you complete your arrival on the island.

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Save Kelvin and put him to work

The first thing that will catch your attention is that You’re not the only one Survivor of the events that made you arrive on the island in a rougher way than expected. Kelvin, one of the members of your team who was with you also survived, but unfortunately is in a very bad state. you should try to revive and heal him as soon as possible.

gentle Kelvin

Once you do, you will discover that the poor has become deafWe still don’t know if it was due to injuries sustained during the introduction or if it was someone who left it that way. The fact is that to communicate with him you need to use simple commands that you write so that he can read and execute them. You can just tell him to follow you or rest, but the best thing for now would be to tell him that find some chopsticks and bring them to you; you will need them later.

Record the scene of the accident

Now that Kelvin is safe and “working” it’s a good time to get to know each other. search the wreckage of the helicopter in which you arrived on the island. You can’t do anything for the other occupants or the bird itself, but you can at least take advantage of the various supply crates. You should find items like emergency rationsadhesive tape and medicines (which I advise you to take one with you to recover from the injuries you received on arrival).

Sotf resources for accidents

It is possible that some of the boxes are not in the immediate vicinity of the wreckage of the crashed helicopter, so – without straying too far – look for the boxes that may stay farther away through the impact and take everything in it, you will need it. In one of them you will find something essential To progress in the game: a synthetic canvas.

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Build a shelter to save the game

Now that the crash site has nothing useful for us anymore, it would be a good time to do that build a shelter and start to save your progress in the game. When you open your inventory, you will discover that it contains a synthetic canvas. Don’t be fooled by the interface, the inventory does not work like a typical selection screen: you have to move the camera to the ends to be able to see all the sections it has and all the objects you have.

Soft inventory

Now that you’ve selected it, take it out and find a flat spot on which you want to extend it. By now Kelvin should have brought you more than enough sticks, essential basic material for these and other vital activities to survive in the game. Simply assemble the basic tent insert two double crochets in two corners off the canvas and that’s it, you already have a place to sleep and (more importantly) save game.

Soft refuge

Provide food, water and other necessities

Now that the accommodation is established, it’s time to get started look for food; We won’t last long if we rely on the emergency rations or bars we found at the disaster site. Fortunately, there is an abundance of wildlife on the island, but we will need it hunting tools. The first thing to make from inventory is a spear. It is achieved by combining a stick with a piece of tape so that it has a grip point and is slightly reinforced as you sharpen one end of the wood with the knife.

Sotf Create a spear

Since animals won’t sit still waiting for you to stab them to death, you can use the spear as a throwing weapon. The problem is that not enough to kill a deer and follow it into the woods until it bleeds to death (besides it’s cruel, the less they suffer the better).

Search instead smaller prey such as rabbits, or from the nearby stream, try to catch something with it, but it’s more complicated. When you kill an animal, you skin it and get some meat, which you can eat raw or raw try to cook it near a campfire For water, just get close to the water and interact with it to drink by holding down the E button.

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gentle hunt

You could also search mushrooms or wild fruitsbut take them before eating them to identify them because some they can be poisonous; you have been warned

Avoid the locals

It’s quite likely that some natives approach you of the island. Some will be quiet, while others will make a lot of noise or just because they are shouting. Don’t be alarmed, but don’t try to interact with them either, as they are fast they can become hostile and you still don’t have any quality weapons to fend them off.


Instead, steer clear, and as a last resort throw stones at them to chase them away, but not when two or more approach you. When they have satisfied their curiosity, they will leave your camp; in all this try to tell kelvin to hide because of what could happen.

start searching

Now that you have the basics for it do not die of thirst or hunger, and you know how to set up a shelter to save the game, it’s time to explore the island. It would be a good idea to try using gps finder to try to reach the characters it indicates. The residences are locators for the other team that was in the helicopter that accompanied us when we arrived on the island.

Sons Of The Forest Quest

The green dots appear to be structures that are part of a larger network in which you will find other resources that we will reveal to you later in Guides and Tricks. For now, go ahead on the island, looking for any trace of the survivors. And as a final piece of advice, only travel during the day as there is no way for you to see at night except to make torches, but these are fixed and should prevent certain locals from approaching you.

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