Where can you buy the game at the best price?

Each new installment of the Final Fantasy saga is eagerly awaited by J-RPG fans. The sixteenth installment is the first Final Fantasy on the next-gen console. The release date is scheduled for June 22, 2023 on PS5, but it is already possible to pre-order it. In this article we show you where you can pre-order Final Fantasy XVI for the best price.

Final Fantasy XVI best price

Final Fantasy XVI, a PS5 exclusive not to be missed for pre-order

Created by Square Enix in 1987, the Final Fantasy license is one of the most cult video game series in history. If all installments aren’t unanimous among gamers, as we’ve seen with Final Fantasy XV, the sixteenth Final Fantasy looks promising.

In fact, it was developed by Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit III, already responsible for the excellent Final Fantasy XIV. Sony teams also participated in the development to offer the best possible version of Final Fantasy for 6 months exclusively on the next generation console, the PS5.

Where can you pre-order Final Fantasy XVI for the best price?

Officially unveiled in September 2020, Final Fantasy XVI will make Japanese RPG fans’ mouths water with epic trailers and majestic graphics.

As the The official release of Final Fantasy XVI is scheduled for June 22, 2023, it is still possible to pre-order the game now. The game is available in 3 editions: standard edition at the suggested retail price of € 79.99, the deluxe edition for €109.99 and the collectors edition for €349.99.

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The Deluxe Edition, in addition to the game, includes a SteelBook case and a fabric map of the Valisthea world. The Collector’s Edition includes: the game, a Premium figurine, a set of metal pins, the Steelbook case, the Valisthéa world map in fabric and an additional weapon.

As icing on the cake, by pre-ordering your copy of Final Fantasy XVI now, you’re taking advantage of it additional bonuses for each edition :

  • Standard and Deluxe : a weapon and equipment
  • collector : a weapon, two pieces of equipment, a SteelBook case, artbook and digital soundtrack

Currently, you can find the standard edition cheaper at some retailers. Micromania offers the game 79.99 euros but offers 10 euros in voucher. At the house of E. Leclercthe game is for only 73.99 euros. finally, the Fnac offer the game 74.99 euros with a pack of badges of the nations of Valisthéa offered. And if you are a Fnac member, you can save 10 euros on your loyalty account.

What’s new in Final Fantasy XVI?

Novice Final Fantasy players can rest easy. Each episode of the saga offers a new story unrelated to the previous episodes. You will also discover new characters evolving in the world of Valisthéa. This world is divided into 6 nations, each with a different Mother Crystal. Valisthéa is at peace, but this balance is threatened by the arrival of the “Black Scourge”.

In this episode you play as Clive Rosfield, the eldest son of the Archduke of Rosalia who has sworn revenge against Ifrit, a primeval who sows mischief in his path. In this dark universe, the gameplay of this Final Fantasy 16 is very action oriented. During battle you can use your sword and your shield, but also the powers of the Primordials to perform magical attacks. Finally, the most impressive battles in the game take place between Primordials.

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