Will Resident Evil 4 Remake Have Multiplayer? There’s potential, but this is what the title will bring in game mode options

The Resident Evil saga is always one ideally single playeralthough it has enjoyed titles in the past that offered the opportunity play together with other players to face the hordes of zombies and monsters infected by Umbrella’s experiments.

However, the mainline titles generally didn’t have a “multiplayer” option to use Not for it They are exempt from offering other modes that may satisfy some players’ competitiveness. The Resident Evil 4 Remake falls into that category and we’ll explain what can be found in it in terms of game modes.

Multiplayer in Resident Evil 4 does it exist?

Speaking in silver, the original Resident Evil 4 never had a multiplayer mode unlike other games in the series such as Resident Evil 5 or other titles that explicitly include options for this such as Resident Evil Resistance. At most brought the game in the original GameCube version The fashion The mercenaries allowing us to play some of the main levels of the game in an arcade mode of sorts; that is, a kill-kill to get the highest score with the different characters.

Resident Evil 4 Hd Remastered 3443628

In fact, before access to the best version of the Magnum-type pistols in the game, it was necessary to get a score of five stars (60,000 points) with every character; the difficulty was that everyone had their own set of objects to use in the scenarios, which is why it was necessary to adjust the playstyle to get the highest scores.

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Those looking for a multiplayer option in Resident Evil 4 Remake they will find none, unless they agree with their group of friends to compete to see who can get the highest scores in the shortest amount of time when the game comes out. But not as such, at least for now, since then Capcom has already confirmed that the game’s “arcade” mode will arrive in the form of DLC.

Future Resident Evil 4 Remake Game Modes

In addition to the Mercenaries, there are many fans who are waiting we can in this remake of the fourth game in the saga enjoy again from other additional modes, primarily those Ada starred in in the versions after the original game was released on the GameCube; It’s not 100% confirmed that they may arrive, but if they did, it would at least include the next two:

Ada command

This game mode introduces us a non-canon version of the events that the mysterious woman Leon met in Raccoon City was supposed to star, and it certainly seems to have your own schedule. Assignment Ada is essentially an extended Mercenaries mode and in which we lead Ada Wong in her attempt to get the amber containing the germ of the plagues to take it to her bosses in Umbrella, specifically the former leader of the STARS team, Albert Weeker.

Ada command

Included along with The Mercenaries in the Gamecube and Playstation 2 versions, in the early versions it was equal more difficult due to the absence of the blade, although much more narratively complete than its sister game mode due to the recording of story through scenes and a certain plot.

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Separate roads

This additional game mode puts us back at the controls of Ada Wong, but in this case history is canon. It’s the same as Resident Evil 4, but since then Adam’s perspectiveand helps understand certain events in the main plot, which are related to the segments of the plot in which Leon or one of his allies in the game, like LouisThey make an appearance.

Separate roads Resident Evil 4

It only consists of five chapters and there are many shorter than the main game set and was only accessible (as in the case of Assignment Ada of The Mercenaries) after completing the main game. As in the other modes, Ada has that too your own set of weapons and skills to overcome the obstacles and enemies that you will encounter on your way through the city, castle and island featured in the game.

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Hopefully Capcom include these game modes – or others new as a surprise additionmaybe in the future DLC for the game. A move he already repeated with Resident Evil 2 Remake, with his modes of 4th survivor (or with the Tofu… Yes, Tofu), or the mini-series focusing on other characters we see in the game. In any case, and if you have intention After playing this remake, we recommend that you review our Requirements Guide to find out if you can play the game on PC with ease or if you need to make room for it on your console.

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