Would you buy a Huawei smartphone without an embargo?

Huawei just announced the P60s and the Mate X3. If they had Google services and a 5G connection, would you be tempted to buy a Huawei smartphone?

Huawei P60 Art // Source: Huawei

May 2019, the US embargo falls on Huawei. From this date, the brand’s smartphones will no longer have access to Google services and the brand will have to fight to obtain certain components necessary to offer 5G in its phones. Even if the brand sees itself on the smartphone throne, it has two big stones in its shoe.

This week in March 2023, Huawei released four new phones. Three traditional flagships, the Huawei P60, P60 Pro and P60 Art and a foldable smartphone, the Huawei Mate X3. All of these devices are packed with technology. The P60s, for example, will probably be among the best photo phones on the market, as they do every year. The Huawe Mate X3 is the first foldable to integrate satellite communications, but also the first with a teardrop hinge and an IP 68 certification.

But alas, Huawei is shunned by consumers and very often receives ratings that are lower than what the brand could claim due to the absence of 5G in its phones and the absence of Google services. The result is a staggering drop that took the brand out of the top 5 sales worldwide, while before the embargo it almost claimed to be number one in the world.

Would you buy a Huawei smartphone without an embargo?

For these reasons, we wondered what would happen if Huawei saw the embargo lifted tomorrow. Would you go back and buy a Huawei smartphone or not really?

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Would you buy a Huawei smartphone without an embargo?

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